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  w e l c o m e  t o  t a n t r i c  j o y!

Learn to use sexual energy to actualize your spiritual potential, to become more
playful and ecstatically aware inyour life, to expand your capacity to give and receive love, to free yourself from the limits that hold you back from unbounded joy, bliss, love, and intimacy. I provide individualized instruction and coaching to enrich your spirituality and sexuality, to help open your heart to greater love, your body to greater passion, and your mind to greater consciousness. In addition to private instruction, I facilitate monthly Ipsalu Tantra practice groups, evening classes, and weekend workshops.

My passion is spirituality that celebrates the body and awakens you to your own divine magnificence. I am committed to helping you integrate the energies of heart, sex, and spirit to reveal the ecstatic possibilities of living in bliss. The hallmarks of my work are my warmth, open-heartedness and compassion, deep presence, integrity, and playfulness of spirit!

Is My Work Right For You?

I work with men, women, and couples of all different sexual orientations and levels of tantra experience. 

The people who are drawn to my work are ready to explore a fresh new paradigm for conscious living and loving. They not only want to enhance sexual pleasure and deepen their relationships, but they want to learn to use sexual energy as a source of greater joy, aliveness, love, creativity, healing, and awakening. They want to free themselves from shame, fear of intimacy, social conditioning, and judgment. They want to accept and celebrate their physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual aspects by learning to stay present, honoring their sexuality, and experiencing unexperienced emotions. They value being inner-directed, taking responsibility for creating their own life, rather than being the victim of circumstances, learning to look within for answers and fulfillment, looking to create a life of bliss!


  do you long to . . .

            Become a better, more aware and confident lover?

      Experience more intimacy and pleasure than you can now imagine?

Overcome frustrating sexual difficulties with joy and ease?

Find sexual wholeness and liberate yourself from past sexual/emotional wounding?

        Restore balance and harmony to your life, in spite of a stressful, hectic lifestyle?       

                                             Achieve deeper intimacy and loving connection in relationship?

                                                              Tap into a sacred dimension to sexual loving?

Discover a path of spiritual growth and self-realization that celebrates both body and spirit?           

                                    Become more joyful, creative, radiant, and open-hearted?  

Relieve the sense that there's "something missing" in your relationship or "there must be something more"?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then you'll enjoy my private Tantra sessions!

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  o v e r v i e w

In our private sessions I will teach you the principles and techniques of the art of Tantric loving.

You will learn and experience:

  • Meditation and energy techniques
  • Movement, sound, and breath practices
  • Tantric communication
  • Tantric healing and awakening through conscious, loving touch
  • Other specific Tantric skills depending upon your needs and interests

Please know that our sessions are not for the purpose of fulfilling desire for sexual connection.

It is my intention to support your growth as a loving sexual being. My private sessions will give you the knowledge and practice to enrich your spirituality and sexuality and your capacity to give and receive love.

Each session is unique because it is a reflection of you, of your individuality, your interests and needs, and your progress along the path of spiritual and sexual development.

I love to introduce Tantra to novices. I am equally delighted to work with those who are already skilled in Tantra and wish to continue their progress.

It will be my joy to share loving presence with you.

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  p r i v a t e    t a n t r a    s e s s i o n s    f o r    i n d i v i d u a l s

You Don't Need a Partner to Learn Tantra!

You don't have to wait to find a partner in order to learn Tantra! Becoming a great Tantric lover requires first cultivating your own skills and awareness in solo practice. I can show you how.

Prepare Yourself for Your Beloved

In our sessions, you will experience the presence, love, compassion, playfulness, openness, warmth, and joy that make for a great partner. I will guide you on your way to becoming a more sexually whole, passionate, creative, conscious, expressive, loving being. When true love steps through the door, you will be ready!

Become a Master Lover!

Are you ready to learn a way of sexual loving that is profoundly more giving and more fulfilling than the norm? Become a wellspring of conscious loving, one who finds greater fulfillment of self, and enriches, heals, and contributes to the lives of others along the way. I will show you this path.

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Complete Tantra Sessions may incorporate the study and experience of:

  • Red and White Tantra
  • Healing and Awakening Touch
  • Raising and Circuiting Sexual Energy
  • Expanding Your Pleasure Boundaries
  • Ejaculatory Mastery Techniques
  • Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality
  • Manifesting Your Beloved
  • Tantric ritual
  • Sex magic
  • Yantras and Mantras
  • Bandhas and Mudras
  • Sexual Awakening and Nurturing
  • Conscious Giving and Receiving
  • Self-Loving and Self-Pleasuring
  • Modalities of Conscious Touch
  • Chakra Awareness and Self-Healing
  • Emotional Release Work around Sexual Issues

For Men:

  • Learn Techniques for Ejaculatory Mastery and the Benefits of Ejaculatory Choice

  • Learn to go beyond normal ejaculatory orgasm into non-ejaculatory orgasm, multiple orgasm, and full body orgasm

  • Learn the secret to extended lovemaking

  • Heal and release the emotional armoring that keeps you from fully loving and being loved

  • Learn to deeply pleasure and honor the Goddess in your life. Become her healer and awakener, her Tantric hero!

Master Lover Training: For Skyrocketing Sexual Confidence and Achieving Erotic Mastery. Realize your full ecstatic potential through sexual secrets every man should know!

Change sexuality from a source of anxiety and frustration to a wonderfully satisfying experience of excitement and passion:

- Become a better, more aware and confident lover than you dreamed possible.
- Feel 100% confident you can give your partner profound orgasmic pleasure and sexual satisfaction

 -NEVER WORRY AGAIN if your technique is up to par!

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For Women:

  • Heal, awaken, and release unlimited orgasmic energy through the FireBreath Orgasm technique
  • Learn how to ask for what you want sexually and deepen your capacity to receive
  • Become the erotically awakened, empowered Goddess that you are. Liberate yourself from old beliefs and unconscious societal and genetic programming about sex and being a woman
  • Stay healthy and youthful, become more beautiful and radiant! Cultivate and enhance your sexual energy through meditation techniques and practical exercises designed especially for women. Flowing female creative energy is the best cosmetic in existence

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  p r i v a t e    t a n t r a    s e s s i o n s    f o r     c o u p l e s


  • Discover a significantly different way of relating to each other
  • Learn to sustain mutual love and sexual passion for a lifetime together

  • Renew or deepen your relationship and open up new possibilities

  • or new couples just beginning a path together: Learn Tantra to create a solid foundation for your growing relationship

  • Rekindle the Spark: Fall in love with your beloved all over again! 

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about rates and appointments

Complete Tantra Sessions for Couples may incorporate the study and experience of:

  • Joyful Tantric Kissing and Tantric Embrace
  • Lovemaking Position Dance and 1001 Modalities of Pelvic Movement
  • Giving and Receiving Sacred Spot Massage
  • Goddess Worship
  • Nurturing Techniques
  • Partnered Meditation and Energy Techniques
  • White Tantra for Two
  • Modalities of Conscious Touch
  • Partners as Healers
  • Secrets of the Oral Arts
  • Pleasuring and Honoring Your Shakti Goddess
  • Pleasuring and Honoring your Shiva God
  • Breast and Chest Massage
  • Touching the "Pearl" (the clitoris)
  • Loving with your "Soft-On"
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Tantric Harmony and 10-Minute Practices for Everyday Loving
  • Techniques for conscious communication
  • Other exotic practices for achieving physical delights

Complete Tantra Session

The Complete Tantra Session is for couples who wish to learn and creatively integrate the art of Tantra into their own lives. In a complete Tantra session you will learn the foundations of conscious loving together using Tantric ritual, breath, movement, and meditation, conscious communication techniques, and nurturing, awakening touch. You will develop skills and awareness to become your partner's ultimate lover and healer.

*The Complete Tantra Session is highly recommended as preparation for the more specialized couples sessions outlined below.*

Full-Body Tantric Massage Ritual

Partners each have a turn to give and receive blissful, loving touch - Goddess receives first! In our massage, I will demonstrate and the giving partner will follow with mirroring and complementary strokes. The massage weaves in elements that form the foundation of Tantric practice: ritual, eye contact, presence, breath awareness and energy movement along with ecstatic, loving touch. The experience of this four-handed sensual massage is truly heavenly! A wonderful gift for your beloved.

[In Tantra] massage becomes a double meditation, total presence in the self and in the joy of feeling alive.
     --Daniel Odier, Tantric Quest

The Art of Yoni Massage

"O precious Goddess, may I enter your . . . Sacred Flower, Jade Gate, Valley of Joy, Enchanted Garden, Lotus Blossom, Golden Doorway, Pleasure Palace, Sacred Space, Gateway to Heaven?"

These are a few of the poetic phrases we use to honor a woman's sacred Door of Life. I will teach you up to twenty different internal and external massage strokes for the Yoni (including sacred-spot massage). You will learn to awaken your beloved's passion, to heal her past traumas, to communicate love, and satisfy her to her core! Men will find this a profound way to both give and receive love. The techniques of this massage are powerful and produce deeply satisfying results you'll both love.

Parvati turns to Shiva and says:
"O my Husband, with a lover such as you, no woman could remain unfulfilled! You understand so well the infinite capacity of female sexuality. The techniques that you have outlined for ascending and extending the plateaus of pleasure will surely enable women to reach and explore new heights of ecstasy! Great Yogi, this teaching is surely a secret that can transport lovers to the realm of the gods!"

The Art of Lingam Massage

"My noble Shiva, please allow me to worship your . . . Wand of Light, Jade Scepter, Faithful Servant, Thunderbolt, Magic Wand, Yang Pagoda, Ambassador of Love!"

Ah, the beauty of this symbol of Shiva! Women: Open the gateways of his desire and learn the joys of giving your man a kind of touch that can lead him to spiritual and transformative full-bodied orgasm. Fill his Magic Wand with your love as you learn the art of male genital massage. As Joseph Kramer, founder of the Body Electric School, puts it, "The difference between a hand-job and a sacred [Lingam] massage is the difference between banging on a piano or playing Mozart." If your wish is to become a "virtuoso" on his instrument, this may be the session for you!

Behold the Shiva Lingam,
beautiful as molten gold, firm as
The Himalaya mountain, tender
as a folded leaf, life-giving like the
solar orb; behold the charm of his
sparkling jewels!


--Linga Purana

Acupressure Love Points for Couples

One of my favorites! Titillate your partner using your hands, fingers, lips, teeth, and tongue to stimulate secret electric points of love. You will learn two sets of basic acupressure routines in this session (one for a woman; one for a man) to nurture, arouse, and awaken the great healing and sexual energies within. No prior experience necessary.

Sensual Massage for Lovers

Skills no lover should be without! I offer a 6-hour private course in which you will learn to give and receive a complete full-body, sensual-erotic, healing massage. You will learn and experience a range of methods to generate enhanced pleasure and deeper intimacy between you and your partner. In addition to learning basic to intermediate levels of massage technique, instruction also includes conscious touch, sacred spot massage, and other Tantric techniques for deepening awareness, circulating sexual energy, and transmitting love and healing power through your hands and heart.

  click here for information about rates and appointments

Weekend Tantra Intensive for Couples

Gift yourselves with a luxurious weekend devoted to the art of sexual love and ecstasy! This weekend coaching intensive is designed to help ignite romance and passionate intimacy in a long-term relationship gone stale or boost an already good sexual love life to an extraordinary one! Jan provides expert instruction and inspiration in a space of safety, sacredness, and love.

Consider the couples intensive as a way to celebrate an anniversary or to spice up a vacation! Jan is available to come to you in the privacy of your own home or vacation setting. Intensives are also available in the San Francisco Bay Area she resides. Contact Jan for fees. Viva l'amore!


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  i p s a l u  t a n t r a   p r a c t i c u m

A Self-Paced Home-Study Course in Tantra

Through monthly lessons, the Practicum presents you with a step-by-step process for realizing a deep, sustaining feeling of TantraBliss. This course is for singles or couples. 

Each lesson includes:

  • Suggestions to enhance your sexual experience, energy, and awareness
  • Technical insights, deeper understanding of how the energy works
  • Energy experiments with application to daily life
  • Lifestyle suggestions to support your process (diet, etc.)
  • A reading assignment of manageable length
  • A writing assignment inviting you to clarify your thoughts and feelings about the ideas presented
  • A daily practice, exploring powerful tantric techniques appropriate to that lesson

The learning is based on experiential practices you do at home on your own schedule and adapted to your own style. The effects of the Practicum can be intensified by personal coaching sessions with Jan either in person or over the phone.

Through the Practicum you can learn Cobra Breath, one of the most powerful techniques available for living in clear bliss. Cobra Breath was gifted to the world by Babaji Nagaraj, a Himalayan avatar and Tantra Kriya yogi.

The TantraBliss Practicum package (individual monthly lessons plus copies of Jewel in the Lotus and The Ipsalu Formula: A Method for TantraBliss) is available for purchase through Ipsalu Tantra. Click here for more information or to order the program and materials.

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